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Recently, a good friend of mine, who’s a full time career coach, suggested I create this website as one centralized place to link my writing, research, and other relevant internet-located hyperlinks. (At first, I put them on Google Docs, but the same friend advised that it looked a little too… not visually appealing… to serve the purpose I hoped it would, so this website was my second choice. Clearly, I am lucky to have this friend. ) I took her advice and this website is the result.

Pitching a biotech start-up to potential investors at New Venture Challenge (the business incubator that launched Grubhub, Simple Mills, and Brain Tree) Finals in 2018.

My hope is that it will be a starting point to connect with others with similar interests. I love meeting and learning from new people, so please reach out if you would like to chat! (wisner.stephanie.a@gmail.com)

A little about myself – I love all things science and entrepreneurship, and particularly when the two are able to be combined. My hope is to use my career to help bring new medicines to the patients who need them through biotech entrepreneurship. I also enjoy writing and reading (usually multiple books, in parallel, somehow adding more to the stack on my nightstand faster than I can finish them).

I currently serve as Chief Business Officer at Centivax (My bio here), which I co-founded in 2020. Before that, I founded BioVenture Advising LLC, which was a biotech consulting business I ran for several years. I also am a science writer (writing at the interface of science and business) with my first book that came out in March 2022 (Building Backwards to Biotech), which was #1 new release on Amazon in the category of biotechnology.

Book: Building Backwards to Biotech: The Power of Entrepreneurship to Drive Cutting-Edge Science to Market

My first book, Building Backwards to Biotech, was #1 new release on Amazon in the category of biotechnology. It sold ~1000 copies in its first 5 months of release with minimal marketing, in 13 countries.

  • The book is currently taught as part of entrepreneurial programming in multiple institutions, including Dartmouth, Cornell, UMBC, and others.
  • I have been an invited speaker at University of Chicago (PhD Department, The Deep Tech Accelerator Conference, the MD/PhD student curriculum seminar, Booth School of Business in multiple entrepreneurship and life sciences courses, including Lab to Launch, New Venture Strategy), Cornell University (Entrepreneurship for Scientists and Engineers, Entrepreneurship for Chemistry Majors, STEM Women in Entrepreneurship, Society of Women Engineers, amongst others), University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, and others.
Sample of book media:

Forbes 30 Under 30 2022, Healthcare

I was honored to be selected for the Forbes 30 Under 30 Healthcare list in 2022. See more, here.

Other Writing/Publications

Scientific Publications
Freelance/Science & Business Writing


Executive Women in Bio session I taught called “The Business of Science– Building Strong Scientific Biotech Companies.” Watch here>>
One of 5 lectures I gave at Cornell University in Spring 2022 on biotech entrepreneurship. Watch here>>
I was featured on the Bell Curve Podcast about my transition from science to business. Listen here>>
I was featured on a podcast centered around women in STEM. Listen here>>
I was interviewed by Startup Cornell about my entrepreneurship career path. Listen here>>
I was a featured panelist on VC life science investment. Registration here>>
I was interviewed along with several others from the Forbes list. Listen here>>
I was interviewed on Peers2Peers, a 2021 Australian podcast awards finalist for Millennial entrepreneurs. Listen here>>
I am an invited speaker for a leadership conference for women in life science. Registration here>>
The Chicago Women in Bio panel I moderated, “A Toolkit for Female Entrepreneurs:”


My profile for the company, Centivax, that I co-founded.


I majored in Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Cornell and was very involved in cancer research there. In 2016, I was the only undergraduate from Cornell who presented in D.C. at the American Association for the Advancement of Science. The Cornell Chronicle wrote about it in this article.


I had originally planned to apply for medical school, when I encountered biotech entrepreneurship for the first time and changed my career path completely. When I transitioned from laboratory cancer research to biotech entrepreneurship full time, Cornell/New York I-Corps Node wrote an article about it.


A profile of my path into biotech entrepreneurship and my upcoming book was included in Witches, a literary magazine. It was titled, “Steph Wisner: Creating New Medicines and new career paths – When Steph didn’t find the work she wanted, she created it. Literally, in book form.”

Read more >> (see Page 38)

Presenting the latest progress update on the company I co-founded in 2020, Centivax.

Watch here >>

I was featured in the 1 Million Women in STEM campaign, which aims to provide female STEM role models to inspire the next generation of women in science.


Teaching about how therapeutics are financed.

Watch here >>

An interview I gave on the Grape-Nuts Podcast about “Humbled Air Travel” and “Successful Spontaneity.”

Listen here >>

I received the Merck Award, given to one “outstanding” chemistry major per year.


A personal/just for fun essay I wrote, which was shared over 1000 times in its first year of release.

Pitching Seurat Therapeutics as a Finalist in the New Venture Challenge (which launched Simple Mills, Grubhub, and Braintree).


Biotech Entrepreneurship

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